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Order of Operations Class Contest

What to Do

Once you have created your best new 2019 Order of Operations mnemonic device that follows either PEMDAS, PEMDSA, PEDMAS, or PEDMSA, fill out the form completely below.


  • Only 1 entry (your first one) per student will be accepted.
  • Deadline is 10pm Monday 1/28/19.
  • Entries must make sense and be acceptable as if you read it to your parents.
  • Not all entries will make it into the contest. It's up to Mr. Hoffman's discretion.

Submitting Form...

Something went wrong. Check that you have typed in all the text fields correctly, and try again.  If this error continues, please try contacting Mr. Hoffman directly with his email address.

Your order of operations contest entry was submitted and has been received by Mr. Hoffman!

It is being reviewed, and I hope you are in the contest. Maybe you will win, become famous, or change math forever!

Thanks for being creative and great luck to you!


-Mr. Hoffman