last updated 12.27.18


Due to the increase in popularity of our night, here are some IMPORTANT changes you should be made aware of for Session 4 of the Thursday Night Singles Tennis @ Park Ave. (begins Jan 24, 2019)


*There are now 4 courts! This will allow up to 8 players per night.


*Each player must have a UTR rating (join @ myutr.org) or you cannot sign up for season 4. Your rating will likely be between 7 and 9. Click for UTR Player Range Conversion Chart (pdf).


*The night is limited to players with UTR ratings between 7-9. (USTA 4.5M/5.0W)


*This night remains the only one on Long Island that lets you choose how many plays you want out of 14 and pay as you go. You must be scheduled for 4 or more to be in the stats for the season.


*This is the only night in which you have a protected web page showing you all player’s scores from all matches, UTR ratings, % stats, and 14 week player schedule all in one place.


*Matchups are based on your winning %, so you are almost guaranteed to have a competitive match each time.


*Immaculate facilities, updated courts and lighting, no buzzers, no getting pushed off the court at 10:30pm.


*Competitive rate (stayed the same at $42), if not a bargain for the beauty of the tennis club; towels and balls included.


*Only night to include an online newsletter after each Thursday about the prior night's tennis action for those who missed it.


*We have Tom, and the best involved tennis club owners anywhere!



Any questions, please contact Barry Hoffman on his cell.