The Hoffkids Online Classroom, is a unique and highly effective way that my students sometimes do their math homework. Before I see the students again the next day in class, I already know:

Who completed

Which students completed their homework

When they did it

What time they did their homework

Time spent

How long they spent on their assignment and each question

How the class did

What math concepts were most missed from the class to be addressed the next day

How accurate

Which questions they got wrong, the answers they put, and their overall % score (scores never count toward their quarter math grade)

Who to remind

Which students and parents need an email reminder if the assignment is not completed at night


Immediate feedback is one of the most effective ways to increase math learning. When students can see exactly where they made a mistake immediately after answering a problem, it gives them the ability to learn from and correct the error moving forward. No other homework offers this. Every single problem in the Hoffkids Online Classroom has a short video screencast I have made explaining the answer for my students to learn from. Students are not expected to watch them if they got the question correct (but many still do), but are expected if they get it wrong. Not going over math homework the next day in class means more valuable teaching and learning time inside the classroom!


High expectations lead to high achievement. The Hoffkids Online Classroom is designed where I set a special target % for each assignment so that the students know what is expected of them and are encouraged to work hard to achieve success. They are also encouraged to redo the assignment to meet this goal should they fall short of this %.


Students are engaged in their math homework in a way they never have been. The questions (and answers) can have video, audio, graphics, text, and surprises. The program works on all devices and operating systems. The homeworks allow for the students to respond back to open ended questions, give opinions, and provide feedback to make it better even throughout the night! Students are required to use an “Online Classroom Workform” to show their work which is collected and scored based on effort. This prevents just clicking and typing anything at random.

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