The NEW Hoffkids Music Player and DJ Booth is here!


*Plays on iPhones, Android Phones, iPads, PC, Mac, Chromebooks, at school, tablets (it is HTML5)
*Personally designed NEW enhanced, bigger music player
*Large time count UP and count DOWN display
*Random shuffle and repeat buttons
*Seamless continuous play of all songs in order
*Large volume slider
*Fast forward and rewind slider!
*Real graphic equilizer
*Large vertical slider to see all 100+ songs fast
*Skip track buttons
*Newest songs appear at top of list
*Mute button
*Opens up in seperate tab/window for continous listening while on Hoffkids
*Open window tab now says DJ Booth
*Enhanced sound quality
*Auto play on page load (not on mobile devices)
*Bigger student images
*New Comment Area to Request songs


Ready to TRY IT NOW?



(please let me know what you think after using it!)