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Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring was founded by Barry Hoffman in 2013, and is the premiere personalized online math tutoring service using the most innovative educational technology. It is driven by passion, innovation, and experience to create a highly effective, interactive, virtual classroom environment for one-on-one math tutoring.

This special tutoring is for soon-to-be, or current 6th graders, needing math help or wanting enrichment. The student is at their house using their computer communicating with Mr. Hoffman, who is at his house using his computer.

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Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring session)

The math tutoring sessions happen by way of real time audio and video, combined with powerful and engaging online math classroom software. Both the student and Mr. Hoffman use graphic pen tablets, and the software allows for all the tools needed. This creates a very positive, interactive, motivating, individualized, and visual based learning approach to support the student with their math needs and goals for maximum progress.






Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring uses audio/video conferencing with shared virtual classroom software. This speciliazed software has 40 student-friendly features including unlimited whiteboards, drawing tools, all geometry tools, graphing grids, the ability to upload and download shared files, as well as write over Word, .pdfs, and any graphic.

Communication between myself and the student takes place with the online classroom software using a pen tablet.
Together, the tablet with the interactive whiteboards let us write on the same “page,” even better than sitting side by side and writing on the same paper during a "traditional tutoring session." The virtual classoom lets us see in real time, with audio and video, what the other person is writing while also discussing our math.

The easy to use equipment and software that the student will need for their sessions include...

1) Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring software (I will set this up and teach the student at their house)

2) Voip Service/Software
account (free; I will safely set up this software with the student/family if don't already have)

3) Graphic pen tablet (I will provide this in the beginning)

4) Webcam and microphone

5) Headset (each student receives a FREE professional one to keep!)

Once the equipment is set up and the software is taught as a result of one or two personal visits to the home, the math work begins. A weekly regular day and start time are decided. The amount of time spent for each session is very flexible, and can be shortened or extended at any time based on the student's need for that day.

One unique feature offered by Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring is "Need It Now!" online help. Not just am I helping your child during our regular weekly meetings, but with "Need It Now!," I am on call for the student when they need that "emergency" math help; which can be the most important time for them.
This feature acts as a true support for the student. An e-request for a needed online meeting can be sent to me any day, at any time, for help with homework questions, test review, a project, simple clarification, or any support the student may need to get them through their immediate situation with their math work.






One of the most important aspects of Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring is the beginning. I come to the student's home to meet with the student and the family. Background information is gathered about the student's math history and interests, while equipment is evaluated, hooked up, and tested.

A complete trial run-through is made with both myself and your child in the home. All the tools of the software are taught, and questions are answered in person before online math meetings begin soon after.

A regular meeting day and time is decided and is based on an approximate of 60 minutes. With online tutoring, the session length is completely flexible, and 60 minutes may not be needed, or more time may be requested on the spot.

A friendly e-reminder (via email to text) is sent to both the student and the parent about one hour before every online tutoring session takes place.






Barry Hoffman has been teaching and working intensely with the 6th grade math curriculum for 17 years at Weber Middle School in Port Washington, N.Y. He is a specialized 6th grade common core math educator. In September of 2016, he was once again awarded the education distinction of Highly Effective by the Port Washington School District and the New York State Department of Education.



In these 17 years, he has worked with over 1,200 6th graders developing their math skills, confidence, and interest in math, with technology at almost every step. Some of these students have individual education programs, and he has also worked with hundreds of students who have reached out for help to bring them to an advanced math level for grade 7, or meet personal higher level math goals. He is the founder and creator of; an interactive 6th grade math educational website aimed at kids aged 10-12 with over 400,000 visits in over 15 years.


Barry Hoffman graduated from Hofstra University with a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, with 60 credits beyond. In addition, he has a middle school extension degree in mathematics for grades 7-9 which has prepared him for the rigors and challenging new topics set forth for 6th graders in New York. Mr. Hoffman is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics which is vital in helping teachers learn the most effective and engaging ways to teach young students math and reduce anxiety for maximum math understanding and real world application.


His math background combined with his integration of technology, passion, time spent preparing, and ability to relate to children ages 10-12, have attributed to his consistent successes.

Mr. Hoffman's personal goals for working with students include; reducing or eliminating math anxiety, raising their interest in math, increasing their confidence, increasing critical thinking, and teaching the relevance and benefits to math strength. Mr. Hoffman's expertise is in student motivation and making math relevant for kids to achieve maximum inner desire to learn. This leads to an increase in student confidence, math understanding, and performance (all while keeping it fun and engaging).

Mr. Hoffman has been married for 15 years to his wife Alison who is a middle school guidance counselor. They have 2 children; Sophie (32 - .5 years old) and Owen (22 + 2.25 years old).

He plays competitive tennis (Mr. Hoffman, not Owen), and enjoys spending time computing, working on Hoffkids, relaxing at his neighborhood beach community, biking, and hanging out with his family around Long Island or just relaxing at home.

(Owen 6.25, and Sophie who thinks she's 14)






Can my child get help from Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring if they are not entering or currently in 6th grade?

Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring is only for kids entering or going through 6th grade on Long Island. Also I cannot tutor my own students from my current 6th grade classes.

How does learning begin, and how do you find my child's math weaknesses and areas needing to focus on?

Learning does not begin with your child learning math. It begins with Mr. Hoffman learning where your child's math gaps, weaknesses, and areas of strength are. Unlike other tutors, Mr. Hoffman accomplishes this early on with a specialized and deep set of personally tailored computer based math diagnostics. These tools address each math skill and Next Generation Learning Standard of every grade level needed. When completed, this helps set the foundation and lay the sequential program to help your child learn best and most efficiently. This is amazing and the proper beginning.

What kind of communication will there be between Mr. Hoffman and the parents so we can know what was accomplished, my child's progress, and the needed feedback?

One completely unique feature of Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring is that each student will get their own webpage (ex. for the parents to visit to monitor each session. On this secure site, the parent can visit anytime and see the date and how long the session was, what was accomplished, cost for the session, notices for the parents, when the next scheduled meeting days and times are, short and long term goals, and
light h.w. that may have been assigned. The child's web page is updated within 8 hours of our online meeting.

I am curious how the "Need It Now!" math help works. In addition to my child needing regularly scheduled weekly help with math skills to stay with the 6th grade class or to catch up from 5th grade, my child gets frustrated some nights with math homework or has questions I cannot answer. The on demand "Need It Now!" math feature sounds like a dream.

First.. that's not a question... but I understand what you want to know, and I am excited to explain it. The process of how your child requests "on demand" online math help, will gladly be explained on the phone with the parents. Just inquire about the "Need It Now!" help sessions.

Do you offer math enrichment to help my child to be more challenged as a thinker, and work at a higher level with problem solving?

Absolutely yes! Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring is not just for kids needing math help, but also for those wanting to think more critically and reach a goal like advanced math for grade 7. This is done with non-routine problem solving requiring higher order thinking skills. It is accomplished through a very successful and fun program that Mr. Hoffman has developed through thousands of hours during the last 7 years. All math problems are in digital format and homework between sessions can easily be assigned and worked on together for maximum brain burn and learning. Much fun!!

Can my child try online tutoring with you and not continue if it does not work for them?

Why wouldn't it work for them? :-) Yes of course. I know this is very new for students and parents, and they will have questions and may be unsure at first. 100% of all students who have tried HOMT have continued for their entire or remainder of their 6th grade year. I urge the student and family to give this new experience some weeks to develop, the child's math connections to be made, and confidence and motivation to build.

I like the idea of my child doing their math homework on their own after they get home from school, then checking with you and asking for help and deeper insight; not just a tutor to do homework. Will you do later sessions like 7pm or 8pm, etc.?

Yes! Now you are seeing the benefits and one reason behind the popularity behind Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring. The time flexibility enhances the learning outcomes of the student.

When are online math tutoring sessions available for you to work with my child?

I am available for as many flexible one-hour online sessions per week that your child may need. I am available up to 10pm on weeknights, weekends, vacations, and summers.

Sessions can be as short or as long as needed. In the past, students have done one session after school and one early on the weekend for added enrichment. Just tell me your ideas and goals, and I will try my best to accomodate you and your child in all ways.

I see there are other online tutors out there on the internet. What makes Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring so different?

This is an easy one to answer.
1. Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring distinguishes itself in that I combine the needed human personal side to online tutoring. There is one extended important in-home visit initially, to properly set up the equipment, and to teach the equipment and software. During this time, it is my goal to also get to know your child for that important human connection. If there is ever a problem with any equipment or software, I will come to the house to get everything working as needed. No worries, and no online tutoring service does this.

2. I am solely focused on the needs of the 6th grade math student in NY because of my 17 years of extensive and specialized work knowing the 6th grade NYS math curriculum inside and out. I am ahead of any changes that take place. My success and the success of my students have continued with the NYS Next Generation Learning Standards math curriculum for grade 6.

3. Parents gets their own secure and private detailed webpage about their child to always know what went on during our sessions and keep their eyes on the goals as they are met. This has shown to be 1,000 times more valuable than a quick verbal meeting in the kitchen after a session of "traditional tutoring."

4. I focus only on students that are from Long Island; Our interactive math lessons have relevance to their lives, and I fully understand, and am there to support them with their math as well as the challenges they face as 6th graders transitioning in their first year of middle school. I live it every day in my classroom. I am as supportive to my tutored students and their parents, as to my own 6th graders and their families.

5. The researched and effective math diagnostic tools that I have invested monetarily in, and tailored for my students, really makes the difference. I call it deep diagnostics because of how it pinpoints almost every math skill for any grade level, and aligns with all common core math standards for every grade level. Very powerful!







What does it cost per session, and for the "Need It Now!" help?

Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring is a premium service, yet is priced at a superior value for 1-on-1 innovative educational math help. Price per session as well as price for any number of "Need It Now!" minutes that the child might need, will be discussed directly with the parents. Two, 100% secure and easy online payment options are available
. Payments are at the end of each month.

Can every child benefit from your computer based online math tutoring?

Every child has room for growth and has the ability to become a better math learner. However, I do not think Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring is for every child and family. The service will work most successfully with kids who want to try their best and are really into the idea of being tutored and getting help. They also need to be able to focus more independently being that they are the only one physically in their room. In addition, children with fine motor issues will potentially have great difficulty with this online method as it uses a special graphic pen tablet.

Most importantly the child needs to be comfortable with using technology and accepting some new easy technology to learn. They will become familiar with the short "learning curve" to using a pen tablet and whiteboard software. If they are patient and understand that the tablet and program take a little time to get used to, they will enjoy the benefits of these features. The family needs to be patient, supportive, and communicative with both their child and myself with how things are progressing, what is working or not, and sharing suggestions.

Because this uses technology at our home, what starting expenses are there for the family?

The student needs a computer (about 3 years old or newer) with a webcam, a mic, a headset (provided FREE), and a strong and reliable internet connection. The pen tablet is really the only item needed by the student to eventually purchase, but Mr. Hoffman will provide this to get started, and then the family would purchase the one the student is comfortable already using. A buy-back program is also available at the end.

Is this technology compatible with both Macs and PCs?

Yes! Both the creative pen tablet and the whiteboard software work with Macs & PCs. Sorry, Chromebooks and iPads will not work for us.

Can I call the parents of students with whom you have tutored already to hear their online experience?

Absolutely. References will be happily furnished upon your request. My families love to share with others about their HOMT experience.

What if I have additional questions for you after reading all about Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring?

I would be surprised if you didn't. A phone conversation is best. Please click the
CONTACT link (I can also be reached on the top of any page at and drop me a message with the best day, time, and phone number to reach you so we can discuss your child's needs and so I can answer any questions you may have.

I love what I have read and am interested in starting this exciting and innovative process to help my child with their math progress. How do I get started?

The first step is to CONTACT me using this link or email me at I will then call you to have a "get-to-know-you and your child's needs" conversation. After that, a secure form is filled out, and then we'll set up your first appointment to hook up equipment and install a tablet driver at your house.

Experience has shown that your son or daughter will most surely enjoy the unique online math tutoring experience that Hoffkids provides, while becoming stronger and more confident in the field of mathematics.

Please click HERE for a terrific short article about the importance of a child's math development as it relates to science.

All information is kept 101% secure and confidential.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end, and
I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Barry Hoffman
Founder and creator Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring
6th grade Math Educator, 17 years
Long Island, New York






Math is an essential area! Walk into most classrooms in the year 2018, and they look the same as they did in the 1990's, except maybe a Smartboard has been hung up over an old chalkboard. This is true for traditional tutors as well. Today's 11 and 12 year olds were born into a digital world. The way we help students learn has to adapt to this changing world. The students are connecting, sharing, and learning through the latest advances in technology. This is creating a vibrant environment full of interactivity and learning where young people connect in ways that enrich their lives in and out of the classroom. You see the technology everywhere: iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, smartphones, texting, social media, email, the cloud, video conferencing, online classes/distance learning, digital presentations, and smartwatches.

Online tutoring has many unique benefits to the child and their family:



Flexibility Our days are very busy and demanding. Online tutoring sessions are not bound by time or place, and therefore help with flexibility for the parent's schedules. Online tutoring reduces stress and anxiety on the student and works around their unique needs as well. If a session is scheduled for 5pm and the student is running late and needs to make it 5:15pm, that simply happens by digital contact to Mr. Hoffman, and an on the spot adjustment is made.

Convenience Online tutoring allows the family to focus on other obligations as the student takes care of their responsibilities at our meeting time. It actually frees up more time for the parents as the parents are not forced to be home for a tutor session, or drive and sit somewhere, and they do not have to fit it into their hectic schedule. That alone is like hours of your life as a parent reclaimed every single week.

Visual Based Learning Online tutoring directly aligns with how students learn in today's world. Kids love visuals and technology, especially to communicate. Here they are using their computer, interacting with math tools, and creating diagrams with color. They are not just going over school homework from math worksheets, but students are involved, creating, manipulating, and learning more efficiently through one-on-one lessons adapted from my 6th grade class of 17 years.

Need It Now! Sometimes after school or at night, a child needs a little extra help with their math homework because they are lost or confused. They want help even on days that they don't have a scheduled math tutor session. The "Need It Now!" math help I provide is only a quick digital contact away, and an online math session can happen within minutes to help your child get through those rough math nights and reduce stress. This helps the child feel more prepared and confident the next day in math class. With this feature, your child can get the math help when he or she needs it most and is a huge benefit only provided by online learning.

Atmosphere Online tutoring provides a relaxed atmosphere (no need to clean the house or rooms). A more relaxed student + a more relaxed parent = a more productive math learner and a happier day in the home.

Creativity Tailored interactive math classroom software enhances student creativity and expression, using math and drawing tools that are needed in middle school, high school, and beyond.

Powerful Features The student's online tutoring classroom boasts a robust feature set with the most intuitive and easy to use whiteboard software. Advanced tools with the ability to share screens and remote access for interactive math websites, makes it even easier to collaborate to enhance the math learning experience.

Feedback This is amazing! Detailed information for both parents (doesn't happen in traditional tutoring) is given by way of a personal, safe, and secure webpage about their child, which is available after each session. This password protected web page always communicates what was accomplished, length of sessions, upcoming scheduled sessions for the month, observations, and goals for your child.

Affordable Tremendous value for weekly, bi-weekly, and "Need It Now!" personalized online math help and lessons.

Increased Responsibility Online tutoring teaches the student greater responsibility and independence as the student must be prepared for sessions, be more proactive with communication, and take more control of their learning. The student clearly takes on more ownership of their tutor sessions with Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring. Mr. Hoffman's online tutored students enjoy total access to all areas (including password protected) and all features of his highly effective; a very popular site exclusively for 6th grade math students.





"Traditonal math tutors just help with homework. Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring had our daughter doing 1-on-1 interactive math lessons. There is nothing like it anywhere." 


"Thanks so much for all your efforts in cresting this superstar math girl! I knew she could do it. I just needed the right math tutor." 


"This was the best thing we did for our son. What could've been a rough year, was the opposite! He gained confidence and enthusiasm for a challenging subject and never a complaint! What he gained will help him in his future." 


"Our daughter even surprised herself with how much math progress she made with Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring. Things really turned around once she started working with you. Thank you for all your patience and support." 


"We're more than appreciative for you bringing both of our kids from a level 2 (grade 5 state math test) and in 6th grade math workshop, to getting into advanced math for 7th grade." 


"A+ for math tutoring, A+ for the support and advice you gave us as my daughter transitioned from elementary to middle school." 


Evaluate, Connect, Represent, Predict, Justify, Describe, Calculate, Interpret, Explain, Draw, Create, Graph, Apply...
Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring


Ratio Tables, Bar Models, Fraction Bars,
Coordinate Graphs, # Line Models, Double # Lines...

Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring


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