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ABOUT HOFFKIDS online math tutoring

Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring, founded by Barry Hoffman in 2013, is a one-of-a-kind online math tutoring service using powerful educational technology. It is driven by passion, innovation, and experience to create a highly effective, personal, interactive virtual classroom environment for one-on-one math tutoring. This is only 5th or 6th graders, needing math help or wanting enrichment. The student is at their house using their computer communicating with Mr. Hoffman, who is at his house using his computer.

A screenshot of a live Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring session

how it works

Our math sessions happen with real time communication taking place between me and the student with our virtual math classroom software using a pen tablet and audio/video conferencing. The powerful virtual classroom lets us experience what the other person is writing, while also sharing our math. This classroom has student-friendly features including unlimited whiteboards, drawing and geometry tools, graphing grids, and the ability to write over any file. We both use graphic pen tablets that create an interactive, motivating, and visual based learning approach, and together, the tablet with the interactive whiteboards, let us write on the same “page,” even better than sitting side by side and writing on the same paper during a “traditional” tutoring session. 


getting started

One of the most important aspects of Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring, is that I come to the student’s home to meet with the student and the family. Background information is gathered about the child’s math history and interests, while equipment is evaluated, hooked up, and tested. A complete trial run is made with both myself and your child in the home. All the tools of the software are taught and questions are answered in person before online math sessions begin. Once the equipment and software are set up, we can schedule for math work to begin.

scheduling and "Need-It-Now"

Scheduling is different than you may think. A weekly day and session time are decided. The sessions are based on an approximate of 60 minutes, but the session length is completely flexible, and 60 minutes may not be needed, or more time may be requested on the spot based on your child’s need that day.  In addition, Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring offers a unique feature called “Need-It-Now” online help. With “Need-It-Now,” I am also on call for your child when they need that “emergency” math help; which can be an important time for them. This feature acts as a true support for the student.  An e-request for a needed online meeting can be sent to me anytime for help with hw questions, test review, or any support your child needs to get them through their immediate situation with their math work. An e-reminder is sent to the student and parent 1 hour before every online session.


9 unique benefits of online tutoring

Math is an essential area! Walk into most classrooms in the year 2020, and they look the same as they did in the 1990’s, except a Smartboard is hanging over an old chalkboard. This is true for “traditional tutors” as well. Current 11 and 12 year olds were born into a digital world, and the way we help students learn has to adapt to this changing world. Today’s students are connecting and learning through the latest advances in technology. This is creating a vibrant environment full of interactivity, where young people connect in ways that enrich their lives in and out of the classroom. Hoffkids Online Tutoring meets these needs and has benefits to the child and their family.


Our days are busy and demanding. Online tutoring sessions are not bound by time or place, and therefore help with flexibility for the parent's schedules. Online tutoring reduces stress on the student and works around their unique needs. If a session is scheduled for 5pm and the student is running late and needs to make it 5:30pm, that simply happens by digital contact to Mr. Hoffman, and an on the spot adjustment is made.


Sometimes after school or at night, a student needs help with their math hw because they are lost or confused. They want help even on days that they don't have a scheduled math session. The "Need-It-Now" emergency math help I provide is only a quick digital contact away, and an online math session can happen within minutes to help your child get through those rough math nights and reduce stress. This helps the child feel more prepared and confident the next day in class. With this feature, your child can get the math help when they need it most and is only provided by the online learning experience.


This is amazing! Both parents (doesn't happen with traditional tutoring) get their own personal and secure web page about their child's detailed sessions which is updated after each meeting. This password protected web page always communicates what was accomplished, length of sessions, scheduled sessions for the month, observations, goals for your child, colorful progress meters, and more.

Increased responsibility

Online tutoring teaches your child greater responsibility and independence as the student must be prepared for sessions, be more proactive with communication, and take more control of their learning. The math learner takes on more ownership of their tutor sessions with Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring.


Online tutoring allows the family to focus on and balance their other obligations as your child takes care of their responsibilities at our meeting time. It frees up more time for the parents as the parents are not forced to be home for a tutor session, or drive and sit somewhere, and they do not have to fit it into their hectic schedule. That alone is like hours of your life as a parent reclaimed every single week.


Online tutoring provides a relaxed atmosphere (and no need to clean the house-YES!). A more relaxed student + a more relaxed parent = a more productive math learner and a happier day in your home.


Powerful interactive virtual math classroom software enhances student creativity using math and drawing tools that are needed in middle and high school. My virtual classroom boasts a robust feature set with intuitive and easy to use whiteboard tools. These tools make it even easier to creatively collaborate to enhance the math learning experience.

Visual based learning

Online tutoring directly aligns with how students learn in today's world. Kids love visuals and technology, especially to communicate. Here they are using their computer, interacting with math tools, and creating diagrams with color. They are not just going over homework from math worksheets, but your child is actively involved, creating, and learning more efficiently through one-on-one lessons adapted from my 6th grade math class of nearly two decades.

Hoffkids.com full access

Mr. Hoffman's online tutored students enjoy total access to all areas (including password protected) and all features of his highly effective Hoffkids.com; a very popular site exclusively for 5th/6th grade math students.

equipment THE STUDENT wILL need

Hoffkids math tutor software

I will set up the Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring classroom software on your computer at your house during "install" day and teach your child how to use.

Graphic pen tablet

I will provide a high quality pen tablet in the beginning, and will offer to buy it back at the end or you can keep it!

VoIP software

Free software that Mr. Hoffman will install if you do not have already, that takes care of our crystal clear audio and video.

Headset with microphone

A FREE professional headset with microphone is given to your child to keep for being a member of this great experience.

Desktop or laptop

An updated (within the last 3 years) working Apple or PC, desktop or laptop in good condition with a very reliable internet connection.


Most desktops and laptops have one built in, and this is a must for our online math sessions to happen successfully.

ABOUT THE founder

Barry Hoffman has been teaching and working intensely with the 6th grade math curriculum for 19 years at Weber Middle School in Port Washington, N.Y. Barry has worked with over 1,300 6th graders developing their math skills, confidence, and interest in math, with technology at almost every step. Some of these students have individual education programs, and he has also gotten over 450 6th grade students into accelerated math for grade 7. He is the founder and creator of Hoffkids.com; an interactive 6th grade math educational website aimed at kids aged 10-12 approaching 1/2 million visits in over 16.5 years. In October 2019, he was once again awarded the educational distinction of Highly Effective by the Port Washington School District and the New York State Department of Education. 



I graduated from Hofstra University with a Masters Degree in Elementary Education + 60 credits. I also have a middle school extension degree in math for grades 7-9 which has prepared me for the challenging new topics set forth for 6th graders in New York. I am a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics which is vital in helping teachers learn the most effective ways to teach young students math and reduce anxiety for maximum understanding and real world application. My math background combined with his integration of technology, passion, time spent preparing, and ability to relate to children ages 10-12, have attributed to  consistent successes.


My personal goals for working with students include; reducing or eliminating math anxiety, raising their interest in math, increasing their confidence, increasing critical thinking, and teaching the relevance and benefits to math strength. My strength is in student motivation and making math relevant for kids to achieve maximum inner desire to learn. This leads to an increase in student confidence, math understanding, and performance (all while keeping it fun and engaging).


I have been married for 16.5 years to my wife Alison who is a middle school guidance counselor. We have 2 children; Sophie (10.5 years old) and Owen (8 years old). I play competitive tennis and enjoy spending time computing, improving Hoffkids, relaxing at our neighborhood beach community, biking, drumming, hanging out with my family around Long Island, or just relaxing at home.

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