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Math Enrichment

For any child.

math enrichment


4th, 5th and 6th graders want more math challenge and enrichment, or are bored with grade level math curriculum that is moving an entire class at the same time. Or maybe your child wants to work with math that has them thinking more critically and develop skills that are more useful for life. Often times this request comes from the parents, which is completely understandable.

As parents, we know what our children will encounter as they get older, and the skills and habits they will need to be able to choose any career path that matches their passion.

Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring Enrichment is a math program that I created and have refined through thousands of hours, and have used successfully for the last 7 years with my 6th graders in the classroom, as well as those I have tutored online.  This program has helped multiple students get into accelerated math for their next year, and is never short on fun and challenge.

The program

that I developed surrounds your child with math problems which are non-routine situations requiring higher order thinking skills. To work successfully, the student should be (or working towards becoming) self-motivated and enjoys meaningful problem-solving as opposed to just learning a math skill (like adding decimals) and applying it to similar questions like the way most math work is in class.

I teach the needed problem solving strategies, and the child’s results include building confidence, independence, and risk taking, not commonly found in regular classrooms. This is done all while being challenging without frustration.

hand selected math problems

differ from our normal 6th grade math curriculum in that the questions and work they put in help develop 5 major thinking areas. 

5 major thinking areas

combined with bonus life skills

lm Perseverance

Each question

is worth either $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, or $4,000 to represent the level of difficulty.  $1,000 is easiest, while $4,000 questions are much more challenging and reward the student with more “money” and bigger smiles.

In some cases, a running total dollar amount earned from the student takes place, and certain special “achievement levels” are set. With these accomplishments come possible rewards and the student may be working towards some meaningful prize/reward.

All math problems are in digital format and hw between sessions can easily be assigned for additional brain burn and learning.

Warning: your child is likely to become addicted to Hoffkids Online Math Tutoring Enrichment.