What is Math Extra Credit?

Extra Credit is the first form of math enrichment Mr. Hoffman has in his 6th grade math class which offers numerous chances to work at your own pace. It starts as 10 6th grade Math Olympiad type questions that Mr. Hoffman personally chooses for those students wanting¬† extra challenge and later becomes 5 questions. Extra credit is not for a student looking to “boost their grade” because they are not doing well in math (that’s what “Extra Help” is for); but for those who find the current 6th grade math topics easy and very successful for them and want to push themselves.

Weekly extra credit changes every Monday and is due by Friday of that same week. Students get +0.2 point out of 0 for every single question they get right all year (starts at 0.1 pt each when there is 10 questions). This can really make a difference and watch your math knowledge sky rocket!