Hoffkids is dedicated to all my hardworking and creative 6th grade math students for a lifetime of learning.

Hoffkids' mission is to:

*Help students and adults with concepts and applications from the field of mathematics.

*Help create a community of interest in learning most directly among our present and past classmates.

*Foster an innovative learning community and to use this as a platform for future technological innovations.

The following people need to be thanked for their help and support with Hoffkids' innovation:

*David McCallum (Scotland) for sharing his amazing website design ideas, self-created examples, knowledge of Freeway, honesty, and for being the important support system that I need.

*Sameer Bhatia (California). The most wonderful and talented owner of any tech company in existence (Proprofs). I am fortunate to have found you and thank you for all you have done for me and my students. You always find a way to turn vision into reality, and you deserve the most success!

*Walter Davis (USA) for teaching and guiding me in using the tricks of the Freeway Pro software.

*My wife Alison and my 2 children who are always patient, understanding, and supportive.

*All of my 6th grade math students that help me with web site suggestions and improvements.

*Christos Georghiou (England) for his amazing graphics and teachings.

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