An Innovative 6th Grade Math Experience With

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Once in a while something special comes along in the math classroom that uses technology in a way in which teachers only once dreamed. This is a zone on Hoffkids called 'classkick' ( This area is a one-of-a-kind interactive helping experience where the student writes their math work on their Chromebook screen at their desk, and Mr. Hoffman can see the student's thinking, process, and work in real time, at his computer. It is a formative assessment tool. Students work at their own pace and he observes them while giving immediate feedback.

This break through technology allows the student in a 1:1 Chromebook environment in our classroom to draw his or her math answers and explanations and show their thinking, and to get help through live real time feedback in order to promote maximum learning and math growth. CLICK HERE to watch a video about Classkick.





iPads are being replaced with quicker more affordable Chromebooks. All Chromebooks in the world (except more expensive touchscreens with pens) do not allow separate graphic writing tablets. These tablets are needed so the students can write directly in web based applications like Classkick.

Mr. Hoffman's class has figured out 2 ways to make this happen as you can see below. Game changer.



*Students can answer questions and get immediate feedback if they are right or wrong from the teacher or even other classmates.

*Students can "show their math work" by drawing, typing, adding images, audio recording, and links on the screen, and Mr. Hoffman can see "live" math computations and give feedback instantly via comments, stickers, scores, and audio.

*Mr. Hoffman sees the student's work instantly and facilitate more feedback than ever. Everyone learns better together.

*Students can start at school, finish at home, and still get Mr. Hoffman's feedback to learn.

*The notebook and taking rushed notes may be gone as we know it.

If you have any questions about this exciting Hoffkids feature, please contact me, and thank you for reading about CLASSKICK.