Classkick is a one-of-a-kind interactive classroom helping experience where the student writes their math work on their Chromebook screen at their desk, and Mr. Hoffman can see each student's screen with their writing, their thinking, as well as interact and help them in real time, from his computer at his desk.

Once in a while something special comes along in the math classroom that uses educational technology in a way teachers only once dreamed about. This is Classkick.

Help Students Privately

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Formatively Asses

See Student's Screens

As the teacher I can see each student’s screen and their live math work as they do it, give feedback that appears on their screen and help them without anyone knowing. Students can work at their own pace in my math class raising a yellow or green hand or Classkick can be used for notes instantly in front of them.


Key Features

For the Student

  • Students can answer questions and get immediate private feedback if they are right or wrong from Mr. Hoffman.
  • Students can "show their math work" by drawing, typing, adding images, audio recording, and links on the screen.
  • Students can start at school, finish at home, and still get Mr. Hoffman's feedback to learn.
  • The notebook and taking rushed unreadable notes can be gone as we know it.

For the Teacher

  • Mr. Hoffman sees the student's work instantly and facilitate more feedback than ever. Everyone learns better together.
  • Mr. Hoffman can see "live" math computations and give feedback instantly via comments, stickers, scores, and audio.

Writing Tablets with Chromebooks

Below are action shots of my students in class using their Chromebooks with special writing tablets to have full control and engagement in their math learning. These tablets are needed so the students can write in web based applications like Classkick.

Need equipment to write at home with Classkick?


The tablet used in class only for Mac & PC. Not for Chromebooks. If need for a Chromebook, see Mr. Hoffman. 



A highly recommended, tested, and really great pen stylus to use with an iPad or touchscreen along with the Classkick app.



This is the free Classkick Pro iPad App which is available for download on iTunes. Login like class with it.

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