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June 26, 2016
#10 by Mr. Hoffman

Hoffkids is very proud to announce its newest relationship with Tori's Place. Tori's Place is a special Port Washington hair salon centered around the "look & feel good" experience for boys, girls, and adults.

Tori's Place, similar to Hoffkids, is child centered and engaging. They have over 20 years of experience, and their licensed hair stylists focus on haircuts, ear piercings, spa parties, lice screenings, extensions, hi-lites, coloring, and much more. They cater to children of all ages starting with toddlers and up (they love middle schoolers!), and that's what makes this hair salon so special.

Tori's Place is owned and operated by Port Washington's own Valentina Hartman, who named her local shop after her daughter Tori. We love that they are right here in the heart of beautiful Port Washington.

Whether it's your precious one's first haircut, or you are a student or adult and it's time for a haircut, check out TORI'S PLACE. I know you will really enjoy the personal experience in their relaxed and fun atmosphere. Love the car seats for kids too! Their Facebook page can be found by clicking here.



May 22, 2016
#9 by Mr. Hoffman

Math Fails is a new zone on Hoffkids that has been requested by students for some time. What is a math fail? A math fail is usually an advertisement, sign, coupon, or any real world math mistake by a company or business. Many times they are funny and sometimes they require math skills and good observations to notice the mistake. Then the laugh comes.

Many math fails that are found in the world seem to deal with prices and rates. Some include wrong percents, typos, or silly posters.

The Math Fails zone includes a 5 star rating under each item; so please rate. Remember, the more stars you give it, the more you like how dumb the math fail is!

Please visit Hoffkids' Math Fails, and enjoy the real math mistakes. If you find one out in the world, take a picture of it and email it to me at If you find a good one on the internet that you want added to Math Fails, simply CONTACT me, and in the message area provide the direct URL so I can take a look. Check back often for new ones being added.

Math Fails at Hoffkids; the only place where failing at math can be truly funny. JOINS HOFFKIDS item38

Apr. 30, 2016
#8 by Mr. Hoffman

Hoffkids is overly thrilled to announce its new relationship with BUNKSTUFF, just like Hoffkids, is all about the kids. They are a child centered company totally focused on cool sleep away camp gear that kids may want and need. Their fun items are very high quality, low priced, and for both girls and boys.

BUNKSTUFF is family and locally run, and I have experienced their camp products myself. Their colorful items are highly engaging for kids, exceptional quality, and unique. Their website is well run, easy to navigate, and you will have no problem finding trendy accessories and birthday gifts for your little one shipped right to your door or to camp.

Whether approaching the summer, in the middle of sleep away camp season, or during the year, check out I am confident you will really like them. Their Facebook page can be found by clicking here.



Apr. 29, 2016
#7 by Mr. Hoffman

Share what you think! A zone on Hoffkids called Surveys was originally created in 2008. This popular interactive area was long overdue for a makeover. Now being called Polls (many people do not know the difference between a poll and a survey), this exciting and relevant area has been redone and is used by both students and parents.

These embedded interactive polls have some very cool and updated features. They allow for images and video in the title and in the choices, They allow for multiple answers if desired, choice of fonts, themes, vibrant colors, and the text is very easy to read. Overall they are stunning.

In addition, the viewer can see the poll's results in a superb horizontal bar graph before and after they vote. The results show the number of votes for each choice, the percentage, and the total number of votes for the poll.

Please share your thoughts and go vote in the Hoffkids POLLS today! Visit often, check out the results, and look for new polls in the future.



Nov. 9, 2015
#6 by Mr. Hoffman

Hoffkids is excited to have added an all new web analytics company to work within the website. This is quite fascinating stuff if you are into stats.

What is website analytics? Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of web traffic data in real time, for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage for its visitors.

You may have noticed a little widget (see picture to the right) popping up on many of Hoffkids' pages. This widget gives real time analytics of the number of visitors on Hoffkids right now, total visitors today, and total yesterday.

But is that all the data Hoffkids can see? Not even close! Web analytics is a fascinating science providing data that can include the visitor's browser, if using a mobile or desktop device, the referring pages that brought people to Hoffkids, popularity of each page, time spent on site, visiting cities and countries, number of times a page is viewed by returning and unique visitors, and soooo much more.

In short, it can greatly improve a website, as it helps optimize the experience for the visitor and helps meet their needs and interests. That's what Hoffkids is all about as it enjoys 2016, approaches 1/3 of a million visits, and turns 13 years young!



Apr. 10, 2015
#5 by Mr. Hoffman

At the heart of Hoffkids lives the navigation area. It is here that you can easily and quickly get to wherever you need to on the site.

The navigation area was given a needed redo, and there are some significant improvements to be aware of.

The icons are enlarged, improved, and at a higher resolution. More people are using their mobile devices on the internet, and the size needed to adapt for this technology.

The text with the name of the zone is also larger and a new font. Both the icon and text are now inside a rounded classic white background to help the buttons stand out.

Also did you notice the tiny locks on some of the icons? This indicates that a password is needed to use this zone. You will be required to give a password to either get inside the zone, or to open a document once inside.

The most significant feature is the rollover overlays that now tell about the Hoffkids zone. They were there before, but in a tool tip that was harder to follow.

I hope you enjoy the new look, and look for more new zones to come in 2015.

Happy navigating and interacting at Hoffkids!



Apr. 8, 2015
#4 by Mr. Hoffman

Hoffkids may not be in your favorite app store just yet, but if you are a frequent visitor to the site, you can now add an easy to see shortcut icon to your home screen for any of your devices.

Whether you are using an iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Android tablet, iPod, or Windows tablet, simply use your browser to go to

Now you can press the "Add shortcut to home screen" button, and this nifty logo will appear with your other favorite apps or shortcut icons on the desktop of your device (see graphic to the right).

Depending on which device you use, your icon may look slightly different than what you see above (my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android phone), but they will all take you quickly to the world's most innovative 6th grade math classroom environment;

Click HERE to watch a video on how to add the Hoffkids shortcut to your iPhone home screen.
Click HERE to see pictures of real examples of phone home screens posted from students!



Jan. 12, 2015
#3 by Mr. Hoffman

Today, Hoffkids has gotten a needed updated logo created by a talented graphic artist named Alex Roman from the country of Romania. This logo is in the upper left corner of just about every page on as well as part of some other features of the site.

The logo has kept the two original kid friendly playful handwriting fonts Hoffkids is known for. In addition there is a mixture of colors, but has some new features for 2015.

The new features include a cleaner and larger size, new colors, and a neon lighting effect for all letters. The most exciting new feature of the logo is a raised 's' to give the subliminal and somewhat obvious message of an exponent, where the 's' is raised like a math symbol called a power.

Response to the enhanced logo has been positive so far. It is interesting how a logo looks so simple to make, but the many drafts and Photoshop expertise of the graphic designer were needed.



Dec. 22, 2014
#2 by Mr. Hoffman

Now that the COMMENT area of Hoffkids is up and running, here are great tips for anyone that registers with Disqus which is the commenting service used on Hoffkids.

Logging in and using the comment area as a registered user as opposed to a guest has its advantages. One advantage to using it registered, besides just having to type in your username instead of your email address each time, is that when Mr. Hoffman or anyone else responds to your comment, you can get an email notification telling you that someone responded to you.

This is a cool convenience as you do not have to keep checking back to see if anyone wrote back to you. Guests using the COMMENT area do NOT get email notification if someone replies to them even though they typed in their email address to use Disqus. You must register at Disqus.


In order to get email notifications as a registered Disqus user, login to Disqus, go into your SETTINGS, click Notifications on the left bar, and click the check box at the top, and under Personal Settings on the bottom click the check box for "Notify me of replies to my comments." See picture above.

Another advantage for registered users is they can add a little picture called an avatar. Then whenever the user posts a message, their chosen little picture appears next to their post.



Dec. 21, 2014
#1 by Mr. Hoffman

Today I found out that the Guestbook company that has been hosting the Guestbook on for the last 11 years is going out of business on January 15, 2015.

That means it is leaving Hoffkids. Kind of sad as it has been viewed over 40,000 times and had over 1,000 posts.

I will not be replacing the guestbook per say, but instead the Disqus COMMENT area at the top of the site is going to be used for any visitor to create or respond to anyone else's messages.

This is a better system as I get an email notification anytime someone leaves a message and I can respond back directly to any messages. Visitors can also respond to other people's messages.


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