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by Barry Hoffman August 15, 2018


I have been building and improving for today’s young math learners for over 15 years, and it was time to remodel the entire site with new software. It took me 12 months, and now Hoffkids has a responsive design for your phone, iPad, mobile device, desktop, and laptop. All graphics, as well as the design, are new. I am very proud of how it turned out, and hope you and your children enjoy it and learn a lot of math with the new site.


Some great features of the new Hoffkids include:


  • Large slideshow of announcements
  • 21 Interactive Zones
  • HW Page, Contact form, Blog, and Printables
  • "Meet” Barry Hoffman
  • 200+ Math and Assorted Fun links
  • 121 Times Table Challenge
  • 100+ songs in the DJ Booth
  • Grade 6 Slideshows, Online Classroom, and Extra Credit
  • Learning Videos, Articles, Math Comics, Anytime Calculator and much more...


Hoffkids has always remained free of advertising. Redoing and maintaining the web site is a significant investment. If you would like to help support Hoffkids in its continued growth, you are invited to click HERE to Donate. 10% of all donations go to help the animals at the North Shore Animal League of Long Island. Thank you for considering, and I know the animals appreciate you as well.


I hope you and your family have fun exploring all the math and innovative areas of the new Hoffkids. Thanks for all of your support, feedback, and involvement.


Click HERE to go to the Hoffkids homepage and check it all out now.

If you have any questions or comments, please CONTACT me anytime.


Barry Hoffman