Men's Singles

Barry Hoffman


Women's Singles

Christine Soccodato


Men's Doubles

Barry Hoffman & Matt Gai


Women's Doubles

Christine & Emma Soccodato


Mixed Doubles

Adam South & Maire Brown


Girl's Singles

Jillian LoTurco


Boy's Singles

Brendan Zas


Boy's Doubles

Lars Galvin & Sean Hassett


 "Koemel Klassic" (under 11)

Henry Schmid


James Brown Award

Gavin Goldsmith

2019 Bay Hills Tennis Tournament


Sun 7/14 @ 10am

Men's Singles

Dave Jenkins vs Adam Moskowitz

Bay Hills Tennis Tournament Guidelines

  • Players must complete their match by the "to be completed by" date on their bracket.  If a match is unable to be played by this date, there is a forfeit by the unavailable player/team. If both players/teams do not play by this date, they both forfeit the match.


  • It is encouraged, but not required, to notify Barry Hoffman about your upcoming match details using the quick online form.


  • It is REQUIRED for the winner to report the result of your match using the online form or simply text Barry Hoffman the result (i.e. "I beat ______ in singles")


  • All matches are best 2 out of 3 sets and regular-ad scoring.


  • Each player/team should bring a new can of balls. Whoever wins the match, goes away with the remaining new can at the end of the match.


  • Once the brackets are posted, there is no substitution for partners (i.e. injury or unable to make the match). A forfeit must be taken.