The original Hoffkids logo, circa 2003


Birth Date  February 25, 2003

Birth Place  Long Island, New York

# of Visits > 580,000

# of Continuous Days Up  > 7,665

Welcome to my interactive math website for kids ages 10-12. My name is Barry Hoffman. I am a 6th grade middle school math teacher in my 23rd year, and the creator and owner of the most visited classroom math teacher’s website; Hoffkids.com. Hoffkids, has been visited more than 580,000 times since it was created in 2003. 

In 2002 an idea came to me. As a 6th grade middle school teacher, I wanted to use the growing Internet to help my students become better at math, as well as enhance my own teaching. I wanted my own site with links to sites that other people created for math skills. I wanted the links to help my students with math topics we did in our 6th grade classroom, and provide enrichment for those wanting more inquiry. The site needed to be purposeful (notice there aren’t any outdated class photos or student work from 2 years ago). This unique site and its experience needed to be a comfortable place that was always there for my students; whenever and wherever they needed it. 

I wanted the site name to be simple to remember so that students could easily get to it and never forget its address. The name had to be short, easy to spell, and reflect the site. I came up with some ideas and surveyed my students. I was close to using the name NoHomework.com. It was owned by someone and they wanted $500 for the name! I almost bought it, but soon realized that my students and I wanted something that meant more, and reflected both me (Mr. Hoffman) and the students (kids) of our classroom. Thus the name Hoffkids.com was created and registered.

I then began to find fun sites that included games of strategy and engaging items of interest. I also wanted to show that doing math through games and fun activities, is an integral part of the learning process. This became the very popular Assorted Fun zone that still exists today.

Next I met with my A.P. Shields for support. He told me in his tiny office; “This is wild and it could work. I’ll fully support you.” I knew after talking with him that it would take off. On the night of February 25th, 2003 Hoffkids was “born.” Hoffkids is now 21 years old and has nearly 600,000 visits from current and past students, siblings, parents, educators, and visitors around the world. It continues to develop from not just my vision, but from the suggestions and the needs of the kids in my classroom during each new and exciting school year.

What started out as just 3 zones; Math, Science, and Assorted Fun, has now grown to 16 wildly popular Zones of educational interactivity. Be assured Hoffkids will always continue to evolve and remain innovative and helpful for kids! Let’s see what Hoffkids offers in the year 2027.